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79 Devine Street, # Suite 100
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Near the intersection of Devine Street and Market.

Annrae Angel represents clients accused of crimes in California. From the first consultation through trial and appeal, she works closely with clients to obtain the client's objective goals. Everyday she helps clients navigate a legal landscape of risks and options.

She has represented hundreds of clients in criminal defense matters in the federal and California State courts throughout years of practice. In a number of criminal cases when she was involved with cases at an early stage of the investigation she was able to convince the authorities not to charge her clients at all. Annrae is proud to engage a one-on-one approach giving clients the personal attention they deserve from a lawyer. She is dedicated to solid preparation, attention to detail and the client's best interests.

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20 Years of Courtroom Experience: Commitment, Knowledge, Skill

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If you are accused of a crime or if the police want to question you regarding a criminal case
it is in your best interests to retain a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Lawyer working for youWhen you are accused of a crime or if the police want to question you regarding a criminal case it is in your best interests to retain a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Annrae will give you and your family that you will receive the personalized attention and care that you deserve.

Annrae is willing to work with you to pay for competent legal representation.

Be confident that your lawyer is competent
and experienced.

Annrae's extensive knowledge of the law qualifies her to protect the safety and welfare of the community and the constitutional rights of the individual.

Annrae Angel is dedicated to providing her clients with strong, thorough and successful representation. She takes a one on one approach, getting to know her clients and appreciating their goals.

"I have devoted my career to protecting peoples' constitutional rights. I treat each case as if it were the most important case because it is the most important to you and your family. I know how to resolve your legal issues in the least painful way. Every case and every client deserves an attorney who will do everything possible to gain a dismissal, a reduction of the charges, or if possible, an acquittal of the charges.

I see each person as an individual and every case as unique and I understand that the people involved are in a serious and stressful situation. I help my clients understand their circumstances and options. I respect the people I represent and the court.

For twenty-two years I have worked as a courtroom attorney in San Jose representing hundreds of people from the diverse communities in Santa Clara County. I evaluate facts in order to provide the best possible representation. I pay attention to details as well as see the big picture. I am a diligent and dedicated attorney and I bring all my knowledge and skills to represent every client.

You are welcome to call for a free consultation and I will help you understand your situation and consider your options.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it informative"

Annrae has built a solid reputation among her peers, prosecutors and the judiciary as a knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated attorney.

"I know her to be a fair and balanced person and an empathetic and compassionate one—"

"Annrae is a very active trial attorney and a vigorous advocate for those she represents."

"— she gave me hours of helpful information without expecting anything in return. I knew quickly that she was not a typical lawyer. She was someone special."