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Annrae Angel represents clients accused of crimes in California. From the first consultation through trial and appeal, she works closely with clients to obtain the client's objective goals. Everyday she helps clients navigate a legal landscape of risks and options.

She has represented hundreds of clients in criminal defense matters in the federal and California State courts throughout years of practice. In a number of criminal cases when she was involved with cases at an early stage of the investigation she was able to convince the authorities not to charge her clients at all. Annrae is proud to engage a one-on-one approach giving clients the personal attention they deserve from a lawyer. She is dedicated to solid preparation, attention to detail and the client's best interests.

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You are welcome to call with questions about your unique situation.

Ms. Angel will explain your options and address your questions. She understands the system and how to protect your rights and defend your case.

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Assault, Aggravated Assault
Child Abuse
Child Neglect
Child Abandonment
Child Pornography
Cocaine Offenses
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Disorderly Conduct
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Public Intoxication
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Sex Crimes
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Tax Evasion
Tax Fraud
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Three Strikes Cases
Traffic and Driving Laws
Underage Drinking
Violation of Drug Laws
Wire Fraud

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Any conviction may be appealed. An appeal is essentially a challenge to the legality of decisions made by the lower court. An appeal is an effective mechanism for compelling the court to observe all of a client's rights, before and after conviction.

Whenever a client is convicted of a crime, we scrutinize the record to ascertain if the court acted contrary to the law. For example, if the court lets the prosecution use evidence that was obtained in violation of the client's Fourth Amendment rights, a violation of the constitution has occurred. On appeal, the violation is challenged, and if successful, the matter is either dismissed or remanded to the trial court.

Angel & Sugar have extensive experience before state and federal appellate courts. Benefit from our experience and understanding of appellate law.


Angel & Sugar have a positive track record in the complex and little understood specialization. The writ of Habeas Corpus may be used to gain a person's liberty when one is wrongfully imprisoned.

One of its more common uses is to obtain the freedom of individuals who have been improperly denied parole. All to often, the board denies parole where it should be granted. That is where the writ of Habeas Corpus comes in.

Also known as "The Great Writ" Habeas Corpus is a fundamental cornerstone of our judicial system.


If a client is charged with personal use drug charges, they may be eligible for drug treatment pursuant to Proposition 36 or Deferred Entry of Judgment. Prop 36 Treatment is provided by the state and upon successful completion the client will have all charges dismissed as if they were never charged with the crimes.

DEJ is a guilty plea where the sentencing is deferred until the completion of a twelve-week drug treatment prevention class. If completed, and if the client stays out of trouble for eighteen months, the charges are dismissed and no Judgment is entered. DEJ is only available on the first personal use drug arrest of any individual.


After successful completion of a grant of probation you can ask the court to grant you a record clearance or expunging. This has the affect of sealing your criminal conviction from the public view. However, it will still be available to any governmental agency or to any governmental licensing agency.

Sometimes if all the terms of your probation are successfully completed a client may ask the court for an early termination of probation and then a record clearance.


The Forth Amendment of the Constitution forbids law enforcement from undertaking unreasonable searches and seizures. Any evidence obtained in violation of this key provision of the constitution is inadmissible in a court of law. For instance, the police must with few exceptions, have a warrant to search a person's room, apartment or house. Any searches without a warrant are presumed to be "unreasonable". It is then up to the prosecution to prove the search was justified by some exception to the warrant requirement.

The rule that keeps such "tainted" evidence out of court is known as the "exclusionary rule". This goes for any item of physical evidence, as well as any statements made as a result of an unreasonable search or arrest. Angel & Sugar aggressively litigate motions to prevent the prosecution from using such tainted evidence against clients.


Under the Three Strikes law, many felonies are considered "strike" offenses. An individual with a strike prior who is charge with a second strike offense may be facing a doubling of their sentence if convicted. A person with two strike priors facing charges for a third strike may be facing a sentence of 15, 20, or 25 years to life in prison. This is the case even when the third strike is not a serious offense, such as theft of property.

It is the policy of Angel & Sugar to fight imposition of Three Strikes whenever our clients are confronted with it. All too often, Three Strikes results in sentences that are disproportionate to the offense. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution forbids such a result as being "cruel and unusual" punishment. Angel & Sugar aggressively litigate any prosecution effort to charge strike priors which would enhance the prison terms of clients. With the Romero Motion we work to persuade the court to dismiss the prior strike.


A sound and aggressive criminal defense stars with serious trial preparation. Angel & Sugar prepare for every case as if it is going to trial. By being prepared, clients are in a better position to obtain positive results without the expense of trial.

Angel & Sugar's tested court room attorneys take the business of jury trials very seriously. Don't settle until you have spoken with our attorneys. Trial may be the only way to vindicate your rights.

Angel & Sugar have a demonstrated ability to create options where none may seem available. This is because we take the time; we look at the facts and listen to your concerns. Prior to trial, we perform investigation and discovery to ensure that the case we put before the jury is the best one possible. Use our experience and expertise to level the playing field.