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Annrae Angel understands the system, how to protect your rights and defend your case.

We will work with you in financing your legal defense.

79 Devine Street, # Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95110

Near the intersection of Devine Street and Market.

Annrae Angel represents clients accused of crimes in California. From the first consultation through trial and appeal, she works closely with clients to obtain the client's objective goals. Everyday she helps clients navigate a legal landscape of risks and options.

She has represented hundreds of clients in criminal defense matters in the federal and California State courts throughout years of practice. In a number of criminal cases when she was involved with cases at an early stage of the investigation she was able to convince the authorities not to charge her clients at all. Annrae is proud to engage a one-on-one approach giving clients the personal attention they deserve from a lawyer. She is dedicated to solid preparation, attention to detail and the client's best interests.

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20 Years of Courtroom Experience: Commitment, Knowledge, Skill

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If you are accused of a crime or if the police want to question you regarding a criminal case
it is in your best interests to retain a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

These are people who stated they would support her Judicial Campaign
in the Spring of 2014.

Endorsements from Law Professionals Groups

Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association
Santa Clara County Bar Association Women Lawyers Section
Asian Pacific American Bar Association of the Silicon Valley
Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California
La Raza Lawyers Association Santa Clara County

Individual Endorsements

Andrea Bryan, Superior Court Judge (Retired)
Kansen Chu, San Jose City Council Member District 4
Jose Esteves, Mayor of Milpitas, California
Tam Nguyen, Candidate for San Jose City Council District 7
Barbara Keegan, Director Santa Clara Water District 2
Jim Gleason, Director Independent Defense Office
David Epps, Supervisor Alternate Defender's Office


  • Soutodeh Ahmadieh
  • Andrea Ambrosio
  • Maureen Baldwin
  • Brendan Barrett
  • Jacklyn Bentley
  • Geoffrey Braun
  • Ron Berki
  • Daniel Camp
  • William Chestnut
  • Thomas Cvietkovich
  • Lindsey Dazel
  • Cindy Diamond
  • Jamie Feder
  • Ed Fernandez
  • Yoyi Franco
  • Kaitilin Gaffney
  • Jim Gleason
  • Jack Gordon
  • Renee Hessling
  • Eric Johnson
  • Marty King
  • Stuart Kirchick
  • Benjamin Koller
  • Jaime Leanos
  • Juan Lopez
  • Robert Lyons
  • Andrew Marcellino
  • Daniel Mayfield
  • Nelson Mcelmurry
  • Alfredo Morales
  • Nakisa Munoz
  • Steve Nakano
  • Richard Pointer
  • Geoff Rawlings
  • Stephanie Rickard
  • Javier Rios
  • Wesley Schroeder
  • Allen Speare
  • John Stonich
  • Scotty Storey
  • Ed Sousa
  • Keith Sugar
  • Andrew Tursi
  • Paul Upton
  • Judyanne Vallado
  • Ben Williams
  • Cameron Watt


More Endorsements

  • Jack Alvis, Teacher (ret.)
  • Philipa Alvis, Teacher (ret.)
  • Wendy Angel, Artist and Educator (MFA, SJSU)
  • Mark C. Angel, Author and Emergency Preparedness Coach
  • Jason Challas, Artist and Community College Art Professor
  • Daisy Chu
  • Eric John Diesel
  • Suzanne Doty
  • Amanda Freel, Investigator
  • Sally Graver, Investigator
  • Matt Hammond, Technical Writer
  • Ryan Leary
  • Gay Lyons, Court Room Clerk (ret.)
  • Sami Monsur
  • Rachael O'Malley, Professor, SJSU
  • C. Jeffrey Stanley, Golden State InvestigationsPatti Lee Swigart, Para-Legal
  • Andy Trevino, San Jose Police Department (ret.)