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79 Devine Street, # Suite 100
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Annrae Angel represents clients accused of crimes in California. From the first consultation through trial and appeal, she works closely with clients to obtain the client's objective goals. Everyday she helps clients navigate a legal landscape of risks and options.

She has represented hundreds of clients in criminal defense matters in the federal and California State courts throughout years of practice. In a number of criminal cases when she was involved with cases at an early stage of the investigation she was able to convince the authorities not to charge her clients at all. Annrae is proud to engage a one-on-one approach giving clients the personal attention they deserve from a lawyer. She is dedicated to solid preparation, attention to detail and the client's best interests.

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20 Years of Courtroom Experience: Commitment, Knowledge, Skill

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If you are accused of a crime or if the police want to question you regarding a criminal case
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Sally Graver, Investigator

"Annrae Angel is a woman driven by a belief that each of us has the right to be heard and treated with respect. She is calm under pressure, passionate about the law, professional in her demeanor and she works tirelessly to ensure fairness. I have worked with and learned from Annrae for over a decade."

Geoffrey Braun, San Jose Attorney

"Annrae is a very active trial attorney and a vigorous advocate for those she represents."

Andrew Marcellino, San Jose Attorney

"I have had the benefit of knowing Annrae Angel professionally for twelve years. I have had many opportunities to participate in cases where Annrae was also counsel to an included party. In all circumstances, Annrae has been an unwavering and passionate advocate for her client, and also a strong proponent that the system never lose sight that there are human beings on all sides of the equation."

***** A 5 Star Testimonial by Very Satisfied Client

Some lawyers don't have it but this one DOES!
This one really cares what happens to you. Yes a lawyer with sincere empathized rare. She has the all the legal knowledge but more importantly she has the social tools that most lawyer don't have. She was able to interact with the D.A. and the Judge in order to get me excellent results. It seems to me that she was perceived by the D.A. and the Judge as a very likable, knowledgeable and most importantly honest attorney. Because of that what she said to defend my position carried a lot weight and allowed me to receive excellent results. I felt that the positive results had very little to do with me but instead with her personally. It is very difficult to to explain this in words but she is just a master in the court room. The reason I retained her in the first place is because she gave me hours of helpful information without expecting anything in return. I knew quickly that she was not a typical lawyer. She was someone special.

Algunos abogados no lo tienen pero éste HACE!
Este cuida realmente lo que sucede a usted. Sí un abogado con empatía sincera. ..very raro. Ella tiene el todo el conocimiento legal pero lo que es más importante ella tiene los instrumentos sociales que la mayoría de los abogados no tienen. Ella pudo interactuar con el Acusador y el Juez para conseguirme excelentes resultados. Parece a mí que ella fue percibida por el Acusador y el Juez como un muy simpático, informado y la mayoría del abogado importante honesto. A causa de que lo que ella dijo defender mi posición llevó mucho peso y me permitió recibir excelentes resultados. Sentía que los resultados positivo tuvieron muy poco a conmigo pero en lugar con ella personalmente. Es muy difícil a explicar esto en palabras pero ella es justo un maestro en el cuarto del tribunal. La razón que yo la retuve en primer lugar es porque ella me dio horas de información útil sin esperar algo en regreso. Supe rápidamente que ella no fue un abogado típico.. ella fue alguien especial.